Houghton Lectures

Henry Houghton served for 25 years as Head of the Department of Meteorology (which became the Department of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography).  During that long period, the Department established an unsurpassed standard of excellence in these fields. 

On his death, Prof. Houghton left the bulk of his estate to the new Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences to establish the Henry Houghton Fund

Houghton Lectures are supported every year by the Fund.  Outstanding scientists from around the world are invited to visit for periods ranging from a week to a semester.  Typically, they have given short-courses ranging from 3 to 20 lectures on some topic of interest to students and faculty.  Houghton Lecturer recommendations are welcome at all times. Contact John Marshall with your suggestions.



Past Houghton Lecturers

  Fall, 2010: Lance Bosart, SUNY, Albany

  Fall, 2010: Tapio Schneider, Caltech

  Summer, 2010: Marina Levy , LOCEAN-IPSL, France

  Spring, 2010: Peter Baines, University of Melbourne, Austrailia

  Spring, 2010: Ken Golden, University of Utah

  Spring, 2009:  David Archer, The University of Chicago

  Spring, 2007:  John Wettlaufer, Yale University

  Spring, 2006:  Dale Durran, University of Washington

  Spring, 2004:  Chris Garrett, University of Victoria - Lectures

  Spring, 2004:  Cecile Penland, NOAA CIRES/CDC

  Fall, 2003:  Tim Palmer, ECMWF

  Fall, 2003:  Suki Manabe, GFDL

  Fall, 2002:  Nicolas Gruber, UCLA

  Spring 2002:  Thomas Stocker, Bern, Switzerland

  Spring 2001:  Jay McCreary, IPRC/SOEST at U of Hawaii

  Spring 1999:  Francisco Tablas, Autonomy Univ. Spain

  Spring 1999:  Howard Bluestein, Univ. of Oklahoma

  Fall 1999 David Battisti, U of Washington

  Fall 1999 Andy Majda, Courant

  Fall 1998 Richard Goody, Harvard

  Fall 1998:  William Young, Scripps Inst.

  Spring 1998:  Claude Frankignoul, LODYC, France

  Fall 1997:  Richard Goody, Harvard

  Spring 1997:  David Thomson, Bell Labs

  Spring 1996:  Robert Houze, U. of Washington

  Fall 1996:  Richard Goody, Harvard

  Fall 1995:  Richard Goody, Harvard

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